How Easy Is It To Have USA Student Visa

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If you’re one amongst those motivated students who are willing to study within the US. and not the national of the North American country, you’ll got to get a USA student visa. Often, it’s a protracted and wearying method applying for a USA student visa and therefore it necessary that you just begin your preparation well beforehand. Begin the procedure concerning 3 to 5 months before the course commencement to form positive you get everything done on time. Once applying for a USA Student Visa, a prospective student undergoes 5 stages that square measure explained below

1. Applying to any SEVP approved institution

As a global student, not solely do you have to make sure that you decide on a course matching your interests however additionally see that you just choose a course and establishment licensed by the North American country government’s SEVP (Student and Exchange traveler Program), as a result of solely such establishments can give you the essential documents for application of your USA student visa. The establishment that accepts your application would send you a homogenous document needed i-20 for your USA student visa.

2. Payment of SEVIS fees

At least 3 days before submission of your USA student visa application, you wish to pay your SEVIS fees. You’ll be able to pay the fees either on-line or through a paper type. It’s potential to access each the strategies exploitation the web site of the North American country immigration and Customs social control SEVP.

3. Conclusion of USA student visa application

After you get your SEVIS type and pay the visa fees, ensuing step is planning a rendezvous with AN embassy or diplomatic building in your country for the USA student visa application. You’ll get to fill out a web visa form. This can be referred to as the DS-160 type and asks concerning personal details and educational data.

4. Payment of visa application fees

Visa application fees or code Visa fees could be a non-refundable charge that depends on the sort of visa you apply for and might be paid by on-line mode, nose to nose or via phone. The payment receipt for your application fees is required after you seem for your USA student visa interview appointment.

5. Scheduling and attending interview

This is the ultimate step in getting your USA student visa and it is done either via phone or on-line. Composition and attending a visa interview is that the most important a part of the appliance procedure. This can be as a result of you’ll be tested for your qualification for the visa during this part. You must be ready to handle queries relating to your educational and national background and be gift with all the proofs for your monetary resources, personal documents, educational proofs and alternative documentation.

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